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Ocwen renews resolve to cut costs using scale as its loss deepens

Ocwen renews resolve to cut costs using scale as its loss deepens Ocwen Financial Corp. recorded a deeper quarterly loss of $40 million after acquiring PHH Corp., but still expects the deal’s economies of scale to eventually lower costs and restore profitability.

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Ocwen Financial Corp. has filed a lawsuit in California superior court alleging that Fidelity Information Services LLC (FIS) inflated its monthly rate and charged Ocwen for a variety of expenses while serving as its monitor for a 2015 mortgage servicing settlement case.

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OCWEN FINANCIAL CORPORATION. We are unable at this time to predict what, if any, actions the trustees will take in response to the Notice, nor can we predict at this time the potential loss or range of loss, if any, associated with the resolution of the Notice or the potential impact on our operations.

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In all, for the period ended Sept. 30, Ocwen posted a loss of $66.9 million, compared with a loss of $75.4 million a year earlier.

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